1 Pantelimon Road, Sector 2, 73381
Phone: 0421 252 03 55 Fax: 0421 252 76 86

The Commercial Society CARMESIN S.A. was set up in 1991, but the Department for Sintered Metal Products is funtioning since 1970, within the Fine Mechanics Enterprise in Bucharest.

The main activity of the Society is based on manufacturing and trading of a very wide range of Sintered Hard Metal inserts and tools, such as:
- indexable inserts
- brazable inserts
- drawing tools for wires
- drawing tools for profile bars
- punching dies for screws and nuts
- extruding dies for screws
- milling tools plated with hard metal tips
- monobloc tools
- wear parts
- hard metal products on customer design

The Society products meet the needs of various industrial branches: machine building, mining, petroleum, wood, metalurgy, chemistry, textile, footwear etc.

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